Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What To Wear Hair-Pony Style

Who doesn't love a good pony tail?
It's my current go-to hair style!

I'm totally crushing on these.

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This is usually how I wear my hair in a pony
It's perfect for when I rock climb and hike.
*I take a small piece of hair from my pony & wrap it around the hair tie*

this is me on Halloween
back sweater-thrifted
red cami- $.50 WetSeal
trying out the poof powder

How do you wear your hair?

pleated poppy


  1. I just shared a WIWW on my blog with a new curled hairstyle. But I wear pony tails A LOT too! I often thrown in a little braid to the side, or a poof to spice it up! CUTE ideas!

  2. Love you hair!!! SO CUTE!! Love all your pinterest ideas too!!

  3. Love the messy bun with the braid! Looks awesome! Def going to give it a try!

    LuLu from A Candid Life

  4. How do you do the Chic Pony? It looks like a modified braid, but I don't see how. Maybe it's bobby pins...

    1. YES--looks like they took it from the sides and hid it with bobby pins--click the image or chic pony and it will take you to the site--possibly a tutorial is available


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