Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monogram Love from ElizaJayCharm on Etsy

Who else is obsessed with monograms besides me?
It might just be a southern thing, but I love everything of mine monogrammed!
If you are like me and love monograms, then your gonna fall head over heels in love with 
ElizaJayCharm on Etsy.
ElizaJayCharm is a super fun Etsy shop full of amazing accessories.
I met Elizabeth through Pinterest. We started chatting back and forth, then realized that we live less than 10 minutes from each other! Small world huh?
Elizabeth was so sweet, she sent me this monogrammed necklace!

Isn't it beautiful?
You can get one just like mine HERE 

Take a look at what all you can find in ElizaJayCharm shop.

circle monogram acrylic necklace

enameled chevron elegant monogram necklace

roman monogram cufflinks

Told you her shop was amazing!
Be sure to stop by and "like" ElizaJayCharms on Facebook

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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