*About {ME}*

Hey I'm Andrea
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, here is a little bit about me.
I'm young a crafty, I'm always looking for a good deal, I love shopping & fashion, I'm totally obsessed with dollar stores & goodwills. Crafting is my passion and addiction.  I have a motto.."why buy?
when I can DIY"  So everything I see and fall in love with that's overpriced, I always say "I can soo make that" :)

I started this blog simply as a place to show off all my crafty and thrifty finds, I have learned so much from so many amazing bloggers, and met some very wonderful friends! I would be lost if I didn't have this blog.
I literally jump up and down when I get a new follower or read all the sweet comments YOU all  have to say, It really does make my day and reminds me why I started *Keepin it Thrifty*.

I live in the foothills of North Carolina. It is my heaven on earth. I'm a huge outdoors person, I hike just about every weekend in the summer! Me and Taylor{the amazing Husband} love hiking and exploring bigger and better trails.  I love traveling to, last year we went to Washington State and Oregon to hike Mt. Rainier.  And then the year before that California, to Yosemite National Park!
here are a few pics
{Mt. Rainier 2010}

{Yosemite Park 2009}

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share with you a little about my life!

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