Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! & {felt magnets}

Happy Halloween Y'all!!!

Today has been great!!!...I recently discovered that Charlotte has an Ikea....soo we made a little road trip to check it out!  I was amazed..literally...they had everything in there.and it was HUGE!!!..I found so much stuff for the craft room*which is still a work in progress* ;) Ill be posting all the awesome things i found soon!

Ok soo I know Halloween is almost over
but I have to share with you this simple little project that I did @ the first of October
I totally forgot about the little boogers..


These things are awesome...there soo quick and easy to make
and all it takes is felt..clothespins..and magnets

First find a cutout..or freehand what you want your magnet to be
*I chose a Bat..Pumpkin and a Ghost
keepin it simple

Then just glue your felt piece to a clothespin
flip over and hotglue a magnet to the back
its as simple as that

here is what mine looked like

{side view}

I love these cute little things
you WILL be seeing these for every holiday ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

*Trick or Treat Party Favors*

Today I was trying to come up with a last minute Halloween treat ideas...Soo i packed my bags and headed over to my friend Melany's house....i love going over to Mel's house because I fell like I'm in scrapbook Heaven!!  She literally has everything imaginable....soo we came up with these cute little trick or treat favors....their super cute and easy to make...let me show ya how i made these little things!

{1} Cut your scrapbook paper to measure 7"X6"

{2} Apply dbl sided tape to to 3 sides...*2 ends and 1 long*

{3} Roll your paper~ * it will look like a toilet paper roll*

{4} press one end shut...
{5} Fill with treats

{6} Press the open end shut....*in opposite direction*
{it will look like this}

{7} Crimp both ends using a crimper

{8} Next I made a ribbon tag....* just punch out 2 circles and ran ribbon in between*

{I also used these cute little punch outs}

{9} Punch a hole on the your ribbon thru and tie off

{10} Ta~Da!  your finished.....see i told you it was sooo simple! ;)   cant wait to give these out!

Happy Halloween!!!! 

*Friday Blog Swap with CraftyCierra*

I'm doing my first blog swap today with CraftyCierra.....I love her blog she has such great and inspiring crafts...everyone be sure to stop by there today!!! ~*Happy Friday*~!!!
Hey Everyone! My name is Cierra from CraftyCierra. I am so excited to be here today! Let me tell you a little bit about myself...I am a wife & a mother. I love to create things, try new recipes, & plan parties, which is what my blog is all about! I love to share my ideas with others, in hopes that they may be inspired by them, as I have by all of the amazing blogs I see!
I do a Wild Wednesday Linky Party every week along with a feature. I pick someone from the party to feature the following week! Make sure to link up & leave me a comment letting me know you want to be featured!
Here are a few of my projects & recipes I want to share with you today!
I am hosting a Giveaway right now until Halloween, so be sure to enter to win 3 great prizes!
Thanks for stopping by & make sure to follow my blog for new ideas every day! You can follow me at
Happy Crafting!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween {Yarn Wreath}

Here is my first yarn wreath I ever made, I tried it about 2 or so months ago before I started my blog and figured now is the time to post it!  Yarn wreaths are sooo easy, cheap,and so much FUN!  I'm obsessed with making wreaths, their so simple to make!  Here's how I made mine!



Step.{1}  Take your wreath and tie a knot {to secure your first wrap}

{should look like this}

   Step.{2}  Start wrapping around, around, & around!!

                                   {repeat this process until you have covered the entire wreath}

Step.{3} After I had wrapped the entire wreath with yarn I started customizing it.
YES, every wreath needs a little customizing.
     I added glittery foam letters, a felt spider, and a cute little witch hat. I purchased all these from 
      Hobby Lobby for just $1.50!! 
Step.{4}  Hang your new yarn wreath and enjoy!


                                                                          {on the front door}

I love my yarn wreath! I hope you try one out they are so much  FUN!! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

*Thrifty Thursday Finds!!!*

Over my weekend...which is {Mon & Tues}...I went shopping and wanted to share with you all the thrifty finds I found!...Most of my stuff came from Goodwill some from Walmart but it all was ON SALE!!  ;)

Ok so im giving the "craft room" a much needed
I free handed and cut out letters from cardboard
added a little black and white paint
I will post more pics later

Found these panels @ goodwill
never been used still in the PACKAGE
I bought two
I'm so excited
because they will go perfect in the craft room!!

New in the box
Martha Stewart Holiday Ball wreath
this will come in handy this Christmas
$2.50 @ Goodwill

I have been looking for a tray..
and yay I found one this week!!
a little paint and it will be perfect!

$1.00 @ Goodwill

I got this vase because my poor little jade plant
needs a new home!
gonna paint it black and white
and put it in the craft room!

$1.00 @ Goodwill

I was soooo excited when i found this
heart shaped straw wreath
I have been doing {yarn wreaths} and this will work out perfect
for a future project im planning!

$2.50 @ Goodwill

Got all this scrap fabric from Walmart
in the clearance section
most of it was less than $2...

Last but not least...
my super cute
Kids fun time craft book
from 1949!

I looove this...
and best of all
.50 cents! @ Goodwill!

*Dollar Tree Vases*

My friend Lauren over @ The Elephants Trunk showed me a very cheap and easy way to take a Dollar Tree vase and make it look like it came from Pier 1 or Pottery Barn.  EVERYONE go check out Laurens blog and see how she arranged her vases!!Thanks Lauren for the great idea.!......Im now obsessed with Dollar Tree vases.....sooooo heres what I came up with.

First pick a vase and then a filler..Both my filler and vase came from dollar tree

I added this filler to the vase...

Put it beside our pumpkin and swan gourd


you could go exploring for leaves and acorns and do this....
ughhh...sorry guys the photo quality stinks!!

layered it with acorns and leaves
just trying something different

Also got this one at the dollar tree
added some acorns....
Put them on our table
along with some baby pumpkins..

candy corn jar....
sorry guys this one came from Taylor's grandma's
NOT dollar tree ;)

Eventually I am going to put them on this
cant wait.....

Thanks Everyone!...I hope you enjoy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

*Old Jar Makeover*

I was messing around with some old scrapbook paper I had laying out, wondering what I could do and decided to cover this old salsa jar.  I was at the dollar tree and found some cute scrapbook things~a mini photo frame and some leather pieces.  I threw together this cute little jar that now holds my mini glue sticks! ;)   Here is how i did it......

  • Old jar
  • scrapbook paper
  • old leather scraps
  • mini photo frame
  • glue gun
  • double stick tape

Take your jar and cover it with the scrapbook paper** I used the double sided tape to keep it secured*

The dollar tree had this package of leather scraps that i picked out and thought it would come in handy in this project.  I covered the leather scrap over the previous piece of paper. ** here i used the hot glue to secure the leather to the jar.**

I cut out an old photo of me and taylor and placed it in the mini photo frame...*I accidentally cut the side hope you cant tell ;( **

   Next I covered the lid....

and the sides...
Add your photo to the jar....
I added letters to the bottom....{I L Y} i love you

And that's it your DONE!!   Now i got myself a new home for my mini glue sticks!


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