Sunday, September 19, 2010

*Old Tshirt = Fabric Flowers*

Today I was playing around with an old black tshirt and made fabric flowers. This is so easy and cost no $$!!! Just grab a old tshirt and give it a try! ;)

I found this awesome website and watched a great tutorial.
Here is the video

 * This is what mine looked thinkin of putting them on a gray tshirt or trying them on a headband?...we shall see......


  1. Love these roses !! How do you make them?

  2. I just followed the tutorial above. Click on the "Video" and she shows u how. But it is VERY EASY!! all u do is cut 1-2 inch thick strips from an old tshirt, Glue one part to a circle piece of felt and then just start twisting. You will eventually make a circle flower. I used fabric glue when I was twisting and using glue, because I am going to put them on a tshirt and I will wash it with the flowers attached! ;) thx for looking!


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