Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Nominated for Blog of the Month @ FTLOB :) VOTE 4 ME

OK my lovely followers, I have a BIG..HUGE favor to ask!

I've been nominated for Blog of the Month over @ FTLOB
and I need you to go VOTE for me!!!


I still cant believe that my little bitty crafty blog is in the running for blog of the month!!

AAHHH I'm still shock!!

So if you would just click HERE and vote for ME
Keepin it Thrifty

I would love.Love.LOVE to be blog of the month
so pretty please go vote for me!!

A little about FTLOB:

For the Love of Blogs is a great website that offers little blogs the chance to shine!!,
they also give great blog tips, advice..and just a great place to meet new people and different blogs!
So while you're there look around their blog and check out some of the
awesome features they offer.You will not be disappointed!



Thanks everyone!!!


  1. dont worry you are doing it fine!... i vote for ya... good luck!



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