Monday, April 2, 2012

My Easter Tree

Happy Monday!

I got a chance this weekend to help my mom decorate for Easter.
Well, we put together a Easter Tree.
I love how it turned out,
 and of course, all of our items we used came from the dollar store or Big Lots!
Take a look--

Easter Tree

Close up shot of the glitter Easter eggs, egg garland, bunnies on a stick.
We also made the bow, using Easter ribbon from the dollar tree.

For the bottom we wrapped yellow and egg decorated cellophane & tissue paper.
Tied it off with some yellow ribbon.

Do you decorate for Easter?

Linking up my project HERE 


  1. So cute and fun! I made a centerpiece and put some window clings on my kitchen doors... haha. That's it this year. Hoping to hit the sales after Easter for some more decor.

    1. I cant wait to see your centerpieces ---after Easter sales are the BEST!

  2. haha I love your tree! And you do this for every holiday? I love it! I think my mother still has her christmas tree I should encourage her to do something like this!!! :) I love it :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

    1. Hey Brie! YES! we do it for every holiday! Show this to your mom- I'm sure she would love it! :)
      this is a little 3-4 ft tree that is in the kitchen

  3. What a great idea! I should have kept my Christmas tree and repurposed it for Easter! In Russia we celebrate Easter by baking tall Easter cakes called "kulitchi" and dying eggs with boiled onion shells!


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