Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Motivation--I Wish This Was Real

Happy Monday!!

I wish the sign above was for real!
I mean, come on! 
Who wouldn't LOVE a thrift store that was open ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

I'm pretty sure I would be in Heaven!!
I could just see myself randomly "browsing" at 1am.

On my To~Do List today is--Thrifting!

Fingers crossed that I find some really good deals!
Make sure you are following along on my Facebook Page & Twitter
I will post and share many sneak peeks!!


What are you doing today?


  1. I haven't been thrift store shopping in much too long!!!! :)

  2. I want that "I'd Rather Be Thrifting" sign for my cubicle! haha! Today I'm working, then hitting up Hobby Lobby, and then grocery shopping...I'm only excited about 1 of those! It's probably not hard to guess which one!

  3. I'm working. Boo. haha. But gotta work to thrift, right?! :) Have lots of fun!!!

  4. I had to take my dog to the vet. She is now doing good. I wish we had more thrift stores here. I would also love it if they stayed open pass 3 pm since I get off work at 3.

  5. I love thrifting! new follower from VWB saturday hop.

    Ricki @ Rogue Baby

  6. i love going to thrift stores to look for old records :) just found your blog through Michelle's link up! Nice to meet ya!


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