Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneak Peek At My Wedding Favors

This week I have been BUSY!
Sorry guys for the lack of posting, Me and Taylor had to travel up to WV to pick out
our wedding bands, HUGE SUCCESS!
I'm so glad that's done, now to show you what else I've been up to.
I found the perfect wedding favors for our wedding, goes with the "rustic, tree theme"
I hope you guys like

Wedding Favors

Perfect huh? I THINK SO! I'm super thrilled I found this, and it's something my guest
will be able to use and plant after my wedding.

Personalized Hershey Kisses

I love these cute personalized Hershey kisses, all I have to do is buy the
kisses and apply the stickers! Super easy DIY craft.

Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitation Sample, Custom design with Love Birds in a Tree, RSVP card, coordinating envelopes, Brown and Peach color scheme SAMPLE
Wedding Invitation Sample, Custom design with Love Birds in a Tree, RSVP card, coordinating envelopes, Brown and Peach color scheme SAMPLE

I have decided to go with THESE beautiful invites.

Personalized Wedding Thumb Tree Poster with Love birds in a tree, Personalized with your names, initials, date and your wedding colors, 11x14
And have THIS wedding thumb print tree personalized.
with coral birdies

Both are from the same Etsy shop

What do you guys think??

I wanna know what kinda wedding favors
you all used/are using at your wedding!!


  1. You have excellent ideas for your wedding Andrea, and I love your blog. I too love junk stores, thrift shops and $1 stores, it must be our creative spirit :)

  2. Andrea, I love what you have picked out. When I got married I dont even remember what I used or had its been that long ago so I cant help much on that one. The invites are beautiful and I know you are sooo excited for the day to come. I cant wait to see the pics.You are going to be a beautiful bride.

  3. Great minds think alike!

    We gave out seed packets at our wedding. I love Spring and thought they would be a usable take-home...but was still surprised by how many family members let us know in the coming years how their flowers were doing. :)

  4. I am impressed!!! Everything goes so well together!!! Love the plantable cards!! Such a fun idea! :) And the invites are going to be so lovely!!! Excited for you girlie!!!
    We're not doing favors... At this point we have too many guests to do that many favors... haha.

  5. Ah so great! I love it! Most weddings I have been to have done just little chocolates on the table/plates at dinner. We were talking about doing plants in jars at ours to double as favors & seating AND centerpieces! [We made the decision last night about our venue at the enchanted barn in hillsdale, wisconsin so we are going rustic too!

  6. PS I found a link to a thumb print tree here:

    not sure if you've seen this one yet! [i think i like yours better tho!]

  7. Love the favor idea! Some friends of ours did that at their wedding a few years ago, and I always loved seeing the flowers I planted bloom :)

  8. Andrea, these are beautiful! I love the favors, your wedding is going to be so perfect!
    We had a small destination wedding and did giant welcome bags so I did small favors, I got handmade marshmallows in strawberry and vanilla to match our colors- I still remember eating them that night, they were sooo good!

  9. I read somewhere that the best weddings have a "brand"... an underlying theme that ties all the details together for a perfectly planned event. Yours is definitely nature! :) Love love love the plantable favors.
    We gave donut holes as favors at our wedding - with a little tag that said "Go nuts and eat donuts!"

  10. Love, love. I have a "thing" for trees. If you've been to my blog you'd understand. And trees for a wedding is so perfect as you are joining family trees, yet growing one of your own.

    Enjoy this time in your life. You'll always remember it as special.


  11. Everything is beautifull and looks so tastefully done. I love those favors!
    Glad I found you on the blog hop.

  12. I'm a new follower and I love how crafty you are! Please stop by my page sometime

  13. What a lovely post. The seed cards are wonderful Hugs and wishing you a peaceful Sunday

  14. has been so long ago! I do remember using rice and bubbles. What you have found is awesome and very creative. I love the theme and design with the trees and cute! follower here from the blog hop Meet and Follow Sunday. Wishing you a Beautiful Day!

  15. Very Beautiful! I found you on the Meet and Follow Sunday, I am your newest GFC follower. If you could check out my blog and follow me back I would appreciate it. Thanks Amber

  16. Meredith B soon to be Meredith KApril 5, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    What ETSY shop did you use? I am planning a nature theme (not just trees but clovers, greenery, apples etc) and my colors are going to be clover green and white and I would love to see where you got that tree from because I would love to do something like that for my wedding
    :-) Thanks

  17. I love the seed card!! My daughter has thought about doing that... someday... when that day comes.



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