Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sneak Peek At My Wedding Plans & Crafts

Yesterday I headed back up the mountain to meet with my florist, and show her
all the ideas I have for the wedding.
I'm so excited to show you what I have planned.

This is where I'm getting married at.

It's going to be an outdoor wedding and I will walk across
the bridge in the first picture, and into the garden.
We will stand under a rustic arbor...aaah I'm so pumped!!

OK so here is a look at what will be going on in May

I will be rockin' these amazing colors

I love this blog, so many ideas Go HERE to see more!

My DIY centerpieces I will be making.
This just goes with my whole theme..and matches the Lodge
I found it HERE..along with more amazing DIY wedding ideas.

 I'm super thrilled because I can get these beauties for
$3.99 each from HERE

I'm wanting to make place card holders like the pictures above
both found HERE

I found these free printable table numbers from

handmade wedding burlap bouquet tulips e1297410515609 DIY Wedding Flowers: Carnation Cones + Burlap Bouquets

Burlap is going to be used in my wedding

My sister will carry this bouquet above
minus the lovely card.
and the tulips will be pink.

Taylor and I are obsessed with The Tree of Life.
His Grandmother always wore a necklace of it and 3 christmas' ago
Taylor bought us matching Tree of Life necklaces.

We have so many pictures, prints and figures of trees that I thought 
it was a MUST to have something "tree" incorporated in our wedding.
I then remembered we didn't have a wedding guest book and thought 
this would be PERFECT.




Wedding Guest Book (Small) Birds of a Feather Fingerprint Tree Canvas THE KIT (guestbook, ink pads, pens)


If you have anymore ideas please comment
I would love to hear from you!



  1. Wow- so many great ideas! Some of my favorites are the card holders (from trees), the chalkboard, and the tree design. I love the yellow flowers too. Keep it up!

  2. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Wednesday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh! Fantastic everything I love everything. I like the fingerprint tree the best! Wow I am so excited for you!

  4. It is going to be so BEAUTIFUL!!! Cant wait!!! I love the colors! Great IDeas

  5. I love the location and all of the nature inspired accents. Very beautiful. I love the second tree pictured. You are incredibly talented and very artistic!

  6. I love your wedding style! :) We have a lot of similar ideas! Did you see I won some of those placecard holders? I can't wait to come up with some cards to put in them!

  7. WOW! Andrea, it's going to be stunning! Great find on those birch vases!!! I love all your ideas!!!

  8. New follower from Welcome Wednesday :)


  9. What a GORGEOUS place to get married!!! :) I love all your ideas! Especially the initials carved in the tree- what an awesome centerpiece idea! I can't believe what a great price you found them for!!

  10. Wait, if that is your colors then am I making a tutu for your niece?

  11. It is just AWESOME !!!! You are gonna look so pretty and Tay is gonna be SO surprised!!
    Love the name tags for the table.

  12. Lovely blog. Great ideas!
    Following from the blog hop. Hope you can return the follow:

  13. I like the design of the centerpieces; they really match the Lodge. The fact that you will DIY all these centerpieces can add more excitement and thrill on your part. I'm also a fan of many DIY ideas because they can help me save a lot of money. Best wishes!

    Long Island wedding venues

  14. We had the same wedding colors!

  15. It's such a fun thing to plan or at least be a part of planning the wedding. Your honeysuckle motif is so charming. I remember that's the color of my sister's wedding too at Long Island catering halls and it was wonderful as well.

  16. This is definitely a topic that's close to me so Im happy that you wrote about it. I'm also happy that you did the subject some justice. Not only do you know a great deal about it,

  17. Wow! I just loved your wedding arrangements. They are stunning. The color themed is just perfect. for my cousin’s wedding at one of venues in Chicago. We had a lovely wedding theme and everything was managed by wedding planner. I loved the arrangements a lot.


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