Friday, April 22, 2011

How to celebrate Earth Day!

I'm going to make today super AWESOME.
Not only is it Earth Day, but its exactly
I'm so excited, can you tell?

I wanted to share with yall a few awesome things I found related to Earth Day.

Anthropologie Troy MI
Image from {here}

Anthropologie is doing some amazing recycling with wine corks.
Its amazing, the image above was made with wine corks!!

read more on this exciting story {HERE}

Earth Day Freebies: Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee if you bring
in your own reusable cup, on April 22.

Lowes Hardwear- Is giving away 1 million trees. On April 23.
 Visit {HERE} for more details.

Visit {HERE} for more freebies

How to Celebrate Earth Day?

1. Plant a Tree- Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas, cleans pollution,
secures soil and helps with erosion, and provides home for animals.


2. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Do this all day long! Recycle your plastic bags, take cloth bags with you to the grocery store. Take drink containers with you-reuse plastic water
bottles.  Donate your old toys, clothes to others. Just don't throw
them away. 

3. Pick up Litter- Get a group together and pick of trash along the side of the road or 
around your neighborhood. Many company's donate gloves and bags for 
clean-up groups. 


4. Wear Green or Brown- Think nature or trees.
I want this t-shirt for earth day.



5. Cook a Earth Day Meal- Use organic food.
Go {HERE} for a whole list of recipes you can use.


6. Ride your bike- Take a walk or ride your bike instead of driving.
Taylor and I did this yesterday!
So much FUN

Earth Day Crafts: 

Toothbrush Bracelets

Seeded Bookmark

Magazine Holder

Papier-Mache Globe

Plant a Tree for Me T-Shirt


I hope you make today count and try out a few of these helpful tips
to make our world a better place.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


  1. so many wonderful ideas! thanks for sharing. thrifting is also saving the earth, but I am trying to do more by buying less too... Which is hard:)

    Have a good easter weekend!


  2. When we saw those wine cork globes in Anthropologie Brendan suggested I sell those in my shop. I said how do you suggest I ship those and where would I store them? ha ha!

  3. The toothbrush bracelet is a first! People are so creative!

    Visiting from Every Creative Endeavor.


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