Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I {Wanted} To Wear...Fit for a Princess??

 I was slack this week with the"What I Wore Wednesday." I
had a place (ie mole or whatever) cut off my side on Tuesday
so I really haven't been in the mood to dress up,
plus my side hurts to wear anything but sweat pants.
I promise next week I will have great outfit to make up for it.

Here are a few things what I would of *wanted* to wear.

Kate Middleton
I love everything about her style..even those amazing hats she pulls off,
gods knows they would look hideous on me.

Kate poses for photographs with Prince William after they announced their engagement at St James Palace. This girl knows alll about colour coordination. (Getty Images)

Who said the Royals couldn't be kinky? Kate ushers in a new era for the monarchy as she makes her way to work. (

Loving Kate's 70s style. (Wenn)

just a little bit of leather for the Princess-to-be Kate Middleton on this trip to Scotland. (

Kate Middleton rocks a trench in Northern Ireland. Loving the bottom frill. (Getty Images)
Making the headpiece unique - Kate's fascinator has the Prince Of Wales coat of arms on it. (

Kate rocking the royal blue at a wedding early 2010. (Getty Images)

Cute wedge heels perfect for a princess. (Wenn)

Kate totes a stylish overnight bag. Heading to the Palace? (Wenn)

I love Kate's style and I think she is GORGEOUS! 
Am I the only one excited about the
Royal Wedding??


This is what I would love to wear to my 2nd bridal shower on Sunday.

I love this look. It would make a great shower outfit for sure!

Now there you have it, you now know that I want to be like Princess Kate,
and that I love the Anthro- look..

The question is.....

"What Would YOU Want To Wear?"


  1. Oh I love the first outfit... jeans and killer brown boots with a cropped navy blazer. It's going into winter here (Cape Town, South Africa) and that would be an awesome look for work and play. Love it!

  2. Hi Andrea! I love the anthro dress also. It would be beautiful on you. I hate you are not feeling well.You got to get better soon you are GETTING MARRIED girl!!You must be so excited that the time is getting closer! I have been riding my bike trying to lose a few pounds. I want to look good this summer. I gained some weight when I quit smoking.

  3. I like the Anthro outfit and I am feeling really excited for you. I am sure you will look gorgeous!

  4. I've been wanting some high topped boots FOREVER!!! Princess Kate really does have great style! :)

  5. I am so stinking excited for the royal wedding! And I would wear everything you would wear, turns out. Great picks!

  6. Bleh... poor chicken, get well soon!
    I don't care much for the wedding, I never received an invitation and am sulking. Big time.
    The necklace seems not to be on the Anthro website anymore, unless it's on a different one to the one I see? But I am pretty sure you could knock it off quite easily with a crochet hook, some lace and a bit of bling! Now, there's a challenge... where's my yarn?

  7. Thx everyone!! @lisbonlioness I hope your not making fun of me for having a mole or whatever removed??? Hopefully your nicer than that...and as far as the anthro necklace goes if you look on the model in the first pic she is wearing it...she is wearing everything I should be on the website bc I just got all of it ftom there yesterday!!!! I hope everyone has a great day . Never let what people say get to you :))

  8. kate middleton is just amazing. i am in awe. i want to be skinny and long and tall and and and and and just like her. and the fact that she is going to be a princess and getting married tomorrow makes me that much more infatuated by her...
    love this post doll,

  9. Oh my gosh. I love that anthro dress. Such a beautiful print.

    Ask the Duplex

  10. I just love Kate and her style. I am so envious of her esp now she is a Princess....

    I heart that Anthro dress. Its gorgeous!!


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