Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Hiking/Biking Adventure!

Taylor and I have a passion for the outdoors.
Living in North Carolina is amazing because we can do so
many fun and adventurous things!

Take a look at what we did on our weekend.

{Table Rock}


Taylor has Sunday's off so we headed up the mountain to hike.
Table Rock-our favorite hiking spot!

we had such a fun day!

So on Monday and Tuesday *my days off* Taylor went and bought us mountain bikes.

Boy am I sore. We went biking both days.

This is how Excited we are about biking!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

And to all my bloggy buddies thats going to Creative Estates....


  1. I'm glad you posted these- I'm always looking for new states/ cities to visit for hikes! Looks like I can add NC to my list!

  2. How fun!!! It's SUPER cool that you can enjoy going out and doing things together!! :)

  3. Oh it looks so beautiful there! What a fun weekend and awesome pics :)


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