Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handbag #2

Happy Wednesday!

I've been busy this week, sewing and thrifting.
I finished another one of these bags Monday. Yesterday I went thrifting at Goodwill, 
I'm excited to show you what I found.

Are you tired of my handbags yet? 
I hope not because, I* might* be slightly addicted to making them. 
They are so cute & easy to make, I'm working on my{third}one now.

Here is the one I finished on Monday.
See what you think.

**Fabric- I found this at a Yard Sale**
Seriously I did, I even tweeted about it 2 weeks ago!
I also found some black and white striped fabric too.
I got {2} HUGE rolls of fabric for $10.
The black fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby for super cheap!

**Pattern- I used this pattern made by

What ya think?

If I can make these...YOU can too!!

ps. Are you ready for this months giveaway? 
It's a super cute bottle cap necklace from 
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Giveaway starts this Thursday!


  1. Great bag! They ARE addicting... :-)

  2. Great job again! Love the bright fabric. I remember when I first made a purse I kept making more until I had maybe 5 or 6, they are addicting!

  3. Love the fabric and you are becoming go be a pro : )

  4. Love it! That fabric is so fun and summery! :) I have everything to make a handbag too... But I haven't set down to do it... Think I should!

  5. WAY TO GO! I am so not there yet, but hopefully one day soon. excited for you. great job. winks-jen

  6. New follower from take it from me: Welcome Wednesday. I look forward to keeping up. Thanks for Sharing

    The Miller's from
    Prezidential Life

  7. This is so cute I love it! You're clever!


  8. its my first visit to your blog! :) you have adorable crafts!! i love the colours on your purse... its so happy!


  9. I actually love it as a Summer bag! I am a new follower of your blog from the Sunday Blog hop and I am following thru GFC, Facebook and Twitter. I am going to enter the necklace contest next because I am sure this must be the last day if it is a monthly contest. I would love a follow back on all three when you get a chance. I will be bookmarking this blog so I can keep up with your handbags! Thanks so much and have a great week!


  10. Oh I love it! You're so clever! I have to look for your tutorial now and bookmark it:)


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