Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore & July Sponsor Discount Code

Happy Wednesday!!
I'm back from my looooong weekend! Aahh I had so much FUN.
I'm hoping to get some pictures up of what I did in WV over the weekend.

But for now...What I Wore today.
It's kinda cloudy, kinda blahh so I just threw on a pair of
jeans and paired it with a simple v-neck shirt.
Perfect for just running errands.
Guess what...this whole outfit was
Check me out!
** Still missing my camera these were taken with my cell phone**
sorry for the crappy quality

Shirt: American Eagle - Goodwill   $3.75
Jeans: Hollister- Goodwill  $3.75
Necklace: Fluttering Creations -July Sponsor

Shoes: Rugged Wearhouse $4.99
I LOVE these sandals ..seriously I wear them with EVERYTHING

Love Tree Necklace:
get your for $3.50

Say HELLO to July's Sponsor!

I've had the pleasure working with Denise, the owner of Fluttering Creations.
She is such a sweetheart. I LOVE finding Etsy shops that are unique and thrifty.

Fluttering Creations specializes in customized bottle cap gifts.
Choose from personalized necklaces and magnets.
I absolutely love mine.
All you have to do is tell her what you want and she can make it for you!
How cool is that?

Here is a few things you can find in her shop!

PERSONALIZED Beautiful Bouquet Bottlecap Necklace / Birthday Party Favor
perfect for a birthday party!
Get yours for

You're a Hoot - Owl - Magnet Gift - Set of 4 - Bottlecap Magnets
You're a Hoot
Perfect for a owl lover.
$6 for the set of 4

PEACE Bottlecap Pendant with Charm / Party Favor - FREE Necklace

PEACE Bottlecap Pendant with Charm / Party Favor - FREE Necklace
Choose the color you want.
Get yours for

Can you believe these prices?

And guess what Fluttering Creations is giving *Keepin it Thrifty*
readers 10% their purchase!
Just use the code below

July Sponsor Coupon Code

Go check out Fluttering Creations Etsy shop and use the code :


  1. You look so cute! Your hair is so beautiful too, I'm sure you hear that a lot. :) Those jeans are awesome, and only $3.75?! Wow.

  2. Cute outfit and I love that necklace! I'll have to check out her shop!

  3. Cute outfit! Very nice for running errands and what not! For some reason the code isn't showing up...

  4. yay! Cute outfit and love the sponsor :)

  5. wow I can't believe the prices, and 10% discount? Thank you, they make really good gifts. And so adorable too. You look so sweet! Looking forward to see your weekend pictures!



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