Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Motivation: My 2012 Word{s}

Monday Motivation & Inspiration 

I usually don't set goals or resolutions for a new year- I just simply do one word
This year I chose two. 
Inspire & Adventure
I'm always striving to inspire others- I would say it's my "life word"
because I simply try to do-or inspire daily.
Adventure is the other word I chose because, this year me and my husband are
hoping to do alot of traveling!
I'm so thrilled-you all know how passionate we are about hiking and traveling.
We want to do a alot more of it this year since my husband will have more time off.
Hawaii is a possibility for our 1 year anniversary! 

What is your word or goals for 2012?

**PS Thank you all so much for the kind words on this post and this one**
I got good reports from the doctor on Tuesday!
All my test came back great, but they are referring me to a GI doctor  to see
if he can figure out what is causing my stomach pain.
I go tomorrow for a consult with the doctor. 
So please continue to pray for me!


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