Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I Do For Fun In The Summer....

Happy Wednesday!!
I've been super busy around the house this week,
 not to mention the 10 stitches I have in my side.
That was from a scary place I had removed as soon as
 I got back from our honeymoon.
Anyways, I'm much better now and I wanted to show you all
what Taylor and I do for fun.

This is what we did last weekend.

Grandfather Mountain Profile Hike
8 miles round trip

Hiking and biking is one of our favorite summer activities.

What do you do for fun in the summer??


  1. I would hike too if I had that view! I'm not much for the heat but I do work in the garden, take early morning walks and late evening jogs. During the heat of the day I am inside soaking up the A/C!

  2. Team ropings! All over NM and AZ! :) Hiking looks fun too though! ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hiking is so fun. Also, since you are thrify I wanted to share with you a great jewelry find in my most recent post. I found it a thrift store and thought you may appreciate the find. :)


  4. I love hiking as well but I must tell you my favorite summer activity is...eating watermelon! I love when it is sweet. I can eat it for every meal! Where did you go on your honeymoon?


  5. We just discovered this hike last month and loved it - however we couldn't figure out where to start from so I don't think we hiked nearly as far as you did!

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