Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping

Happy Thursday!

Still have presents that need wrapping?
Out of wrapping paper?

Here are some quick, cheap, & pretty ways to wrap your gifts,
and there all from kraft paper.

Be inspired..

Pinned Image

twine..glitter stars..ribbon

How to Make a Paper Bow

Click HERE to see a tutorial on how to make the paper bow.

Pinned Image

stamps and ribbon


scrapbook paper monograms

simply add yarn

Pinned Image

book pages and twine

Pinned Image

Click HERE for the printable tags!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the wrapping I did for the hubs b-day last week!

kraft paper--and left over fabric scraps to make a bow & border.

Us out celebrating his birthday! 


  1. Bah! What if I don't have any Kraft paper!?! haha. Wishing I would've gone this route to begin with as pretty as they are!

  2. You guys look great and cute packages! :)

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