Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ryan Gosling--He Totally Gets My Unfinished Projects!

Happy Tuesday!

I found THIS site---and I can't even handle it!
I mean seriously,  Ryan Gosling & handmade = LOVE.

I probably will frame this picture and let it hang in my living room..
because if I had a dollar for every time my husband said:
"Wow babe--you and all your unfinished projects"
I would be a rich woman! 

I'm so glad Ryan Gosling understands me!


  1. I love that site! He's dreamy as heck and that site makes him even sexier to me somehow. :)

  2. hahaha! LOVE THIS ;-) Let me know if it works on your husband!!

  3. Ryan is so understanding! I seriously love that site!

  4. he is so cute. I like his style in Crazy stupid love, he looks so suave! I think I need that poster. Haha... so funny



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