Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What To Wear-Fur Vests

Happy Wednesday!!

Do any of you watch the
Well, I have a huge fashion crush on her. Seriously, every thing she wears I freakin love!

She is a big fan of every thing fur.
I'm totally crushing on it too. I have been searching high and low at every Goodwill
and thrift store around--but no luck.
I will own a fur vest! I WILL.

Take a look at Rachel--and drool over her style like I do. 

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Adorable right? 

Did I mention that she has her own fashion line?
It's pretty much aaahhh-mazing! 
Not to mention that you can get fur vest here too!

This is the ONLY thing with fur on it that I have--
A puffy vest from Hollister that was a Xmas gift from 3 years ago.
I simply love it. 

Do you own anything fur?

If so please do tell.

A fur vest is going on my Christmas list!


  1. I like this fur vest inspiration! A Fur vest adds glamour to any outfit, yours looks really chic too!


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  2. i also love rachel zoe(who wouldnt?) i dont have anything with fur bur i have been keeping my eye out. i bought my daughter a reversible tech vest and one side is all fur but she will only wear it with the fur on the inside!

  3. My 7 year old saw a fur vest at Target and I think she drooled looking at it. I ended up buying it for her for her birthday and she wears is probably 3 times a week so loves it so much.
    Me, I don't have any fur, I guess I'm out of the loop as usual. :)

  4. I was just at H&M and Forever 21 and they both had cute fur vests!

  5. ME TOO! I have been on the hunt for a fur vest too! I went to 5 different stores yesterday to find a vest - NO LUCK either. I got a fur collar though!

  6. I'm currently looking for a fur vest too!
    Going to NYC for the new years! gotta stay warm and chic!


  7. cute! I really want a fur vest!!


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