Friday, December 9, 2011

Not Your Average Christmas Mantel

Happy Friday!

If your one of the lucky homeowners that has a fireplace mantel, then this post isn't for you!
Just kidding, If your like me, I don't have a mantel to hang my stockings from.
I found THIS website that shows 10 wonderful ways to hang stockings 
WITHOUT a mantel.

Take a look 

created at: 12/08/2011

Hang from a wooden branch.


Hang them from a bookcase.

christmas stockings

Hang them from a wooden peg board.

Hang them from a wooden ladder.

stockings hanging on piano Country Living Magazine

Hang them from your piano.

christmas How To Hang Stockings Without A Mantle

Hang them from a staircase.

Hang them from your bed.

Super cute huh?

I might not have a mantel, but I do have a bookcase and some stairs I could hang them from.

Do you have a mantel, if so, do you decorate it?


  1. We don't have a mantel anymore but I just use those great scotch hooks to hang our stockings. They don't ruin the wall when I take them down, we love 'em. I do love the first photo of the branch too.

  2. super cute ideas! i love the branch one :)

  3. These are some fun ideas! Love the ladder! I do have a mantel! For the first time ever! And you better believe it's decorated! :)

  4. I have a mantel, but some of these are so clever I going to have to try.

  5. I have a mantel but I'm not much for changing it too much. I put up some lit garland and a few pretty ornaments.
    I love the idea of hanging stocking from the foot of the bed!

  6. Yes oh so cute!!
    I love stockings!
    next week I wil feature my christmas fireplace mantel..stay tuned..



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