Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My First Button ;)

I'm soooooo excited to have a button, thanks to a wonderful friend Tana over @ Birdseeds.....I love it!!  EVERYONE stop by her blog and check it out!!!  I cant wait to figure out how to do all sorts of cool stuff with my little blog! ;)  Tana is going to post a tutorial on how to make one, so if any other followers would like to add tips,secrets, or anything else to help "Newbies" like me get my blog lookin good just let me know!

Here is my adorable new button.....


** You did a wonderful job!  Thank you soooooo much!

Hopefully I could get a background to match???     I guess we will see...


  1. Love it and placed it on my blog

  2. Hey just to let you know for some reason I can't get your button to show up :( It is probably something I am doing cause I'm really new at this but no matter what I do I can't get it to show up.

  3. Ooh no! Ill have to look @ it let me kno If it shows up!

  4. Andrea,
    I gave it a test and had a problem with it too. I think I may have fixed it by changing the image to a jpg, from the gif file, which also means I needed to do a quick change to the HTML Code. I sent the code to you via email, so redo...Ok, maybe, just maybe I'll get it right this time. lol. This is the most trouble out of 3 I had with one of these little buggers. :P

  5. Yeppers, your button works now. I'm so glad, and I got you on my page now. :)
    Tana Cox

  6. Tana!..your button isnt working!...i tried putting it on my blog?? maybe im doing it wrong! thanks everyone for sharing my button on your blogs!


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