Thursday, October 21, 2010

*Dollar Tree Vases*

My friend Lauren over @ The Elephants Trunk showed me a very cheap and easy way to take a Dollar Tree vase and make it look like it came from Pier 1 or Pottery Barn.  EVERYONE go check out Laurens blog and see how she arranged her vases!!Thanks Lauren for the great idea.!......Im now obsessed with Dollar Tree vases.....sooooo heres what I came up with.

First pick a vase and then a filler..Both my filler and vase came from dollar tree

I added this filler to the vase...

Put it beside our pumpkin and swan gourd


you could go exploring for leaves and acorns and do this....
ughhh...sorry guys the photo quality stinks!!

layered it with acorns and leaves
just trying something different

Also got this one at the dollar tree
added some acorns....
Put them on our table
along with some baby pumpkins..

candy corn jar....
sorry guys this one came from Taylor's grandma's
NOT dollar tree ;)

Eventually I am going to put them on this
cant wait.....

Thanks Everyone!...I hope you enjoy


I love comments! tell me what you think! :)

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