Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! & {felt magnets}

Happy Halloween Y'all!!!

Today has been great!!!...I recently discovered that Charlotte has an Ikea....soo we made a little road trip to check it out!  I was amazed..literally...they had everything in there.and it was HUGE!!!..I found so much stuff for the craft room*which is still a work in progress* ;) Ill be posting all the awesome things i found soon!

Ok soo I know Halloween is almost over
but I have to share with you this simple little project that I did @ the first of October
I totally forgot about the little boogers..


These things are awesome...there soo quick and easy to make
and all it takes is felt..clothespins..and magnets

First find a cutout..or freehand what you want your magnet to be
*I chose a Bat..Pumpkin and a Ghost
keepin it simple

Then just glue your felt piece to a clothespin
flip over and hotglue a magnet to the back
its as simple as that

here is what mine looked like

{side view}

I love these cute little things
you WILL be seeing these for every holiday ;)


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  2. Following from the blog boost. I'd really appreciate a follow back? :)

  3. Thanks you so much for linking up to Felt Week! I love the cute halloween magnets you made. I hope to see you again at Crafters Anonymous Club!


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