Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The lovely Bella from bella before and after
loved my soup can makeover so much
that she featured me on her blog!!


I am so thrilled!!
I have accomplished so many goals this week!
and this was one of them...

I'll have to admit that I seriously doubted my little blog at one point...
but the 18th will be 2 months blogging...
almost 100 followers!!...which has seriously blown me away!!!
 a giveaway...
and now a feature!!!

It keeps getting better and better!

I'm on cloud 9 and I LoOOove it!!

Thank you everyone for all your inspiration and support!

I'm soo obsessed with my blog and it's all because of {you}
My amazing followers!!!



  1. Awe, you're too cute. Been there with my blog too; not being so sure.
    I'm so glad your blog is doing so well.

  2. You are so welcome girl, dang you are rocking girl. Im almost jealous, he he, but in a good way!!!

    Bella :)


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