Monday, November 8, 2010

*~My Thrifty Outfit~*

I had to show you all what I am wearing today
It's too cute not to share.
Plus it cost me practically nothing!!

{My $27 Outfit}

{Better shot of the shirt}
which was $8
@ Rugged Wearhouse

$1.00  @ Goodwill

$13 @ Rugged

{Premier Designs Necklace}
I got for FREE @ a party

I got them for $5!!
click here to get you a pair
*sorry you couldn't see mine in the picture*
I love..Love..LOVE saving money and buying thrifty clothes
see guys it can be done!
Hope you have a great day!!


  1. Very cute outfit. I love thrifty clothes too.
    Good buys, i need those boots!

  2. thank you!!! i love my boots!!! ;)

  3. Great outfit. I love thrifty clothing. Thanks for linking up with us at MFm. I'm returning your follow from the Thrifty THings.

  4. I love your thrifty outfit! I love thrift stores and craft too. Following you!


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