Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Things Thrifty and Recyclable...

Need some ideas to keep the kids busy this summer?
Hop on over to The Idea Room

 While you are there check out Amy's amazing fun and creative projects,
 like her recent DIY, it's very thrifty!!

Click HERE to learn how to recycle your soda cans into coasters!
Thanks Amy for this wonderful idea and fabulous tutorial!

Yesterday I had a reader tell me about a thrifty and recyclable way to to store jewelry.

check this out! 

Yes that's a cheese grater with brass hooks and brown bead.

How neat is that?

Thanks Sarah for this awesome tip!

What have you found or done that's thrifty this week?
 I'd love to hear!!



  1. I love that cheese grater tip for earrings!!

    I love what you have done with the coasters too!! :)

    Monique xxxxxx

  2. That cheese grater is adorable!!

  3. Love the earring holder!! The next cheese grater I come across at a thrift store or garage sale is falling victim to spray paint. lol

  4. I am always looking for somewhere to put my jewelry that is more display than out of the way - or else I forget what I have! So cute, and you can get one at the thrift store for super cheap!

  5. love the grater idea.. genius!
    i made a ring holder this week..

  6. oh wow! how cool! being sustainable is so important to me; i love these ideas;)

  7. why didn't I think of that! So clever!



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