Monday, June 13, 2011

My Craft Room & Inspiration

On today's to-do list:
Clean & Organize Craft Room

Well I wouldn't really call it a craft room, it's a sun room that I use to store all my crafts in.
I hardly ever "craft" in there, usually you can find me in the
living room on the couch craftin' it up.
But yes today  I MUST clean and organize it.

Here is what my craft room/sun room looks like.
It's a total disaster area, I'm in the middle of switching tables, so that's why that
random leg is in the air.

Told y'all it was a mess!
 When Taylor and I have a house, and are rent free,
I want my craft room to look like a few of these.
Here is what my dream craft room will look like.

This storage is AMAZING
via Pinterest

Love everything about this
via Pinterest

Best table EVER!!
via Pinterest

LOVE that quote!!
via Pinterest

Mason Jars
via Pinterest

Tin Can Organizer
via Pinterest

Amazing right? 
I could sit and pin craft rooms all day long!
Do you have a craft room that looks like any of those??
If so then you ROCK!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
I'm off to work on my craft room----wish my luck!!!


  1. I just clicked through from for the love of blogs and I love that you thrift and are named Andrea. I'm in the process of cleaning out my craft room and selling extra stuff so I'm not so cluttered - ugh! But I doubt I'll ever been so neat as those photos!

  2. Oh my gosh, you come help me and I'll help you. Mine is so embarrassing!

  3. Hi! Great post, I've got a crazy unorganized craft area in our storage room, some thing in boxes, etc. I need to figure that out! LOL, I joined you via GFC and facebook, please visit me back at and follow me back!

  4. mine is a mess as well! I want pretty shelves and to be organized. That would make packing orders so much easier!!

  5. Love your blog! You do have enough space to redo your craft space. You just need some type of vertical unit or bookcase. Just paint everything white. I think you can pull it off.

  6. thanks for the inspiration:) i want one of those quotes on my craft room wall and that is pretty easy to do i think...i never thought of it-crazy and silly ole me:)

    did you get to clean up your space? were you successful?


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