Monday, June 27, 2011

My Front Porch

Happy Monday!
It's FINISHED! I have been working on getting my front porch pretty for summer,
well yesterday I finally finished it!

**Go figure my camera charger is missing! So these pictures are taken from my cell phone**
Sorry guys for the bad quality

Take a look

{My Front Porch}

Flowers are Petunias, Impatiens, Double Impatients, & something else LOL I can't remember
I found all the pots from my local Goodwill for $1-2 each.
The yellow pot came with the flower.
Wreath I made from crepe paper and felt.

{Side View}

FYI: That hanging basket was on clearance for $5 at Lowes
SCORE! originally $25
USA sign hanging in the window bought at Dollar Tree for $1

{Side View}

Pinwheels: Pink one is from the Dollar Tree
& the red white & blue one is from the dollar isle at Target.

{Watering Can & Planter Stand}

Found the watering can on Saturday at a Yard Sale for $2
That's the $3 plant stand from Goodwill I mentioned on Tuesday.
And that's the $.50 pot I recovered with the $2 fabric from Goodwill.

So what ya think??
I love how my porch looks, I was so happy when the neighbor next door complimented me on how good it looks!
That totally made my day!

What projects or crafts do you have planned for this week?


  1. Everything is so cute! I especially like your flower pots!

    Your plant stand is cute, but is it a three tiered pie holder? Just curious. :0)

  2. Thank you for joining my Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop. Have a wonderful week! Lisa

  3. So cute! Makes the place so much more home-ier? Doesn't it?

  4. it's beautiful, well done Andrea. You are so thrifty and creative as always.


  5. Beautiful job! The watering can with the plant stand is adorable! It's so satisfying when I get my flower planted. I just love looking at all the color. It makes me happy!

  6. So sweet girl, I love it. Flowers make me happy, and I've been so lazy this summer. My garden is SCARY, but I will start working on it soon.

    Great deals on everything too. I love Lowes clearance section, Home Depot doesn't do that, he he.

    Hugs, Bella :)

  7. Very fun! And very festive! :) Your recovered pots are awesome! This morning I finished some projects for my office at work and we'll be staining our backyard fence.

  8. That is such a cute front porch!!! I love how perfect it is for summer and how patriotic it is! Great job on the flower pots and the wreath!

  9. Love the colorful cans! Made your porch come alive! Maybe you can also try getting colorful plants/flowers to make the colors pop a bit more! ;)


  10. What a happy looking porch and I love the pots!

    I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop. If you would like to come say hi, I'd love to see you at

    Thanks! Vicky


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